Welcome aboard … Pirate Ships!

Papierschnitzel is setting sails for unchartered seas!

For the upcoming months I have a whole series of boats and ships planned: The Pirate Fleet Builder series!

Starting from small rowing boats and gunboats to larger sloops and frigates (… and maybe even a huge galleon?) I will start making ships for tabletop RPG and war gaming. I am known for making display quality, easy-to-build and durable-for-gaming paper models. Check out my previous sets for comparison. If you are interested join my Patreon here and prepare yourself for some epic rewards! 🙂 You will also be able to give feedback and help in creating the best set of ships for your gaming needs.

As you are able to turn pledging on and off as you like instantly there is no risk for you as you can choose which rewards you will loot and skip those you are not interested in. Each month I make one model set and every other month I will make a non naval set so it’s up to you what you want to collect.

During each month I am showing the progress of my new stuff, so there is no surprise what you will get at the end of the month.

The larger ships might be split up over two months, depending on how much work they will prove to be 🙂

If you are as excited as I am about gaming in the Age of Pirates, spread the word and help recruit new sailors for this adventure!

I will also introduce you to talented makers of paper minis, if you are in need of a proper crew to man your ships. The ones in the picture above for example are by David Okum of Okumarts. So remember to check out his Patreon.

“Fair winds and following seas”

Captain Chris