What the heck is a Papierschnitzel?

Today I started the launch of my new site for paper models. I called it “Papierschnitzel”!

Wondering what this means? Just to clarify let me tell you that it is NOT a paper version of the famous Wiener Schnitzel. It’s actually an Austrian dialect word for cut paper parts. As in shredded paper or what is left over when you cut out paper models. But even the model parts could be called Papierschnitzel. So to me this is the essence of paper modeling.

Germans would probably call it Papierschnipsel, but living in Vienna I like the link to the Austrian signature dish. Hungry for more? Paper models, that is! I will start posting my old free models here over the next weeks. After that I am planning to show the new models I have been working on.

So check in every now and then if you are interested in the future of Papierschnitzel 🙂