The Rohan House

This is the first paper model I published in 2004. Inspired by the Lord of the Rings miniatures game I designed it with my son and we used it as a scenery piece with the tabletop game.

Rohan house (main version)

This is the main house version with the columns in the front and raised on a stone base. It also has the signature horse decorations of the Rohirrim on the roof. It probably belonged to the chief of the village.

I created it with Open Office using simple colors and textures that were included in the installation package.

It also allows to build the simple version and you can add a little stable to the side.

Rohan house (simple version)

So with that one PDF file you are able to create a whole village and add little variations the houses.

If you want to build it yourself, download it here: Rohan house PDF file

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