Scratch built: Candles

Making candles out of paper, thread and toothpicks

I start with coloring a toothpick white (or whatever color you want your candle to be). I am using a white permanent marker but you can use acrylic or any other paint you prefer.

Forming the candle stick

Next I make the candle holder. I cut out a round shape and use a metallic marker to turn it into gold (or silver, brass, copper etc.). I had a couple of metallic markers and chose the gold one to emulate a brass candle holder. Again there are other paint alternatives available for metal colors. I just like the markers as I don’t need brushes and cleaning them 🙂

Turning paper into gold

For the wick I use black thread. To make it stronger and harder I cover it in a bit of white glue and smear the excess off with my fingers. Once dry the soft thread turns into a rigid material that I can cut and glue much easier.

Making wick

Finally I glue the candle stick onto the metal plate part and with the help of tweezers I glue the black thread onto the top of the candle. I use white glue as it turns transparent when it dries and in this case it adds to the wax look.

Finished candle

Now you can build your own library of candles for your gaming table. Use different sized toothpicks/modeller round wood or glue wrap paper around it for other candle diameters. Use different colors for variety.