Samurai Village Builder II released

Introducing the Samurai Village Builder II paper model terrain set!
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Build a mountain village in Feudal Japan with these houses. The second set includes a large and small building in the typical mountain lumber style and a bonus waterwheel.

There are different wall and roof styles and you can add optional tools and plants. Including weathering and color modifier layers you have literally thousands of unique print options! (see below)


The buildings also come with interior support and you can combine them in various ways.

interior support texture options


The Village buildings come in a set of PDF files, which you can print and build as many times as you want.

Simply print on cardstock paper (90lb. or 160gsm min recommended) and build as described in the detailed instructions

Supports both US Legal and A4 paper sizes.


To allow for easy and safe storage of the Samurai Village buildings, instructions for building the elements as flat fold modules are included.

assembled and disassembled large level (sample pics from the SVB1 set)

disassembled assembled building


Choose from a variety of texture styles to build every house with an unique look!

Although the focus of the mountain village buildings is on the lumber look, the clay wall textures are included too, so you can mix them with the rural village buildings from the SVB1 set.

25-30mm SCALE

Printed at 100% the foundations will fit miniatures in the 28-30mm range perfectly. Adjusting the print scale you can print at other scales if required.


PDF features registrations marks and cut files are included for Silhouette Studio software compatible cutters.


You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or later in order to use these PDF files.


See the village in action (miniatures, bridge and terrain tiles not included).

Ninja and Samurai engage in a skirmish!

Or mix buildings from SVB1 and SVB2 set …

Paper figures by David Okum, Marshall Short and Jess Jennings, other figures by Games Workshop and LEGO.

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