Samurai Fleet builder released

Introducing the Samurai Fleet Builder at!
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Build your own Samurai fleet with different boat types.
Create small transport boats, medium kobayas and big sekibune and atakebune!
Ideal for roleplaying or wargames. Combine with paper, plastic or metal miniatures.


  • small blunt bow boat (apx 12cm / 5″ length)
  • small pointed bow boat
  • medium (blunt bow) kobaya (scouting and transport) (apx 25cm / 10″ length)
  • medium (pointed bow) kobaya (scouting and transport)
  • big (pointed bow) sekibune (apx 50cm / 20″ length!)
  • big (blunt bow) atakebune
  • easy and advanced building options
  • detailed building instructions

small and medium size boat hull, blunt and pointed bow
pointed bow versions blunt bow versions
medium size hull with kobaya super structure, easy and advanced version
easy kobaya advanced kobaya

sekibune and atakebune
sekibune atakebune
If you want build with interior space


The Samurai Fleet Builder set comes in PDF files, which you can configure and print as many times as you want.
Simply print on cardstock paper (90lb. or 160gsm min recommended) and build as described in the detailed instructions
Supports both US Legal and A4 paper sizes.


Choose from a variety of color and texture styles to build your fleet.
Build new pristine boats or dirty weather beaten ships!
weathered texture
Select one of three wood colors

Nobori / Clan flags

Decorate the ships with customizable Nobori / Clan flags from the separate free set!
insert flags

25-30mm SCALE

Printed at 100% the set will fit miniatures in the 28-30mm range perfectly. Adjusting the print scale you can print at other scales if required.


You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or later in order to use these PDF files.


See the Samurai fleet in action (miniatures not included).
fleet in action
Fitting 75 1″ base minis on the deck of the big ship!
75 minis
setting sails!
quarrel on deck

Paper figures by David Okum and Jess Jennings, other figures by Games Workshop and LEGO.nings, other figures by Games Workshop and LEGO.</i>

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