At the Farm: Small Farmhouse

We are proud to present the new “At the Farm” series! Set #1, the Small Farm House, available now!!!

At the Farm Series

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This high quality yet easy to build paper model series gives you a set of core buildings and extensions to build unique layouts for your gaming adventures. Print the highly customizable PDFs of the DELUXE EDITION or the simple print&go BASIC EDITION and build as many buildings as you like. Build just a few houses or a full village! Great for rural farm or small village themed settings in fantasy or historic scenarios!

Small Farm House Overview

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The modular design allows you to build many different looking houses and roofs and swap them out as needed.

For easy storage and safe transport FOLD-FLAT build style is supported, which allows the disassembly of the buildings.

Printed at 100% the buildings are compatible for 28-30mm figures. With scaled printing you can adjust to other mini scales.

Scatter details (crates, barrels etc.) are from the “Basic Bits” series on my Patreon.