Asian Temple is reborn

10 years ago I designed this Asian Temple. Due to business projects I had to let it wither and fade. Now it is time for it to be reborn.

Because I did not have time the old website was dying, leading to broken links, images lost and a sad, lonely life for the Asian Temple. Now I wanted to complete the model as I was not able to make the stone foundations that make it looks so much better.


Here you can see our cat on the photo set, giving you a better idea how big the models are. The Pagoda Tower ground floor is 6×6″, the foundations upper floor is 1″ wider (8×8″).

The Main Hall is 8×10″ with the foundations 10×12″ on the upper side.

I am in the process of cleaning the packages and making new instructions for the foundations.

In the meantime you can follow me with more work in progress photos on my facebook page.

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