Viking Longship

We are proud to announce the release of the Viking Longship, the first in the Viking Fleet Builder series!

The Longship

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This high quality yet easy to build paper model set gives you the mighty Viking Longship for your gaming adventures. This set comes in highly customizable PDFs with a ready-to-start print&go default configuration. Build one ship or build as many as you like to form your fleet. Great for for any dark age themed settings featuring Vikings or Fantasy inspired boat action!

As always you have many options for different looks and options to choose from in the layers or take the preconfigured default configuration to print and build right away.

Customization options include different figurehead versions for the dragons head and tail on the bow and stern of the ship plus many detailing parts like shields, chests (aka rowing benches) and weapons.

The sails for this ship come in two types, stripes or diamonds, and are also customizable with colors. Each comes as a white “blank” version which you can add either one color (red, blue, green, yellow and black) or combine two of them!

No ship in your fleet has to look the same!

Printed at 100% the buildings are compatible for 28-30mm figures. With scaled printing you can adjust to other mini scales.

This set comes with 36 pages of detailed building instructions.