Norse Village Builder “Iron Hall” BONUS set

We are happy to announce the release of this special extension, allowing you to build the “Iron Hall”!

Here are the Stables (NVB4) and the High Hall extension (NV5)!

The Iron Hall

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This high quality yet easy to build paper model series gives you a variety of buildings to build unique layouts for your gaming adventures. Print the highly customizable PDFs of the DELUXE EDITION or the simple print&go BASIC EDITION and build as many buildings as you like. Build just a few houses or a full village! Great for for any dark age themed settings featuring Viking, Saxon or even Fantasy inspired settlements!

With this extension you will get a platform to build, a special base for the building and instructions on how to combine other sets from the series to build this building.

Printed at 100% the buildings are compatible for 28-30mm figures. With scaled printing you can adjust to other mini scales.

Scatter details (crates, barrels etc.) are from the “Basic Bits” series on my Patreon.